Friday, September 30, 2016

MCFW 2016 Wrap Up


Music City Food + Wine 2016… In one phrase: Worth it. This is my fourth year attending the festival, and for the first time my husband wasn’t on kid-duty and could finally join me. For the longest time I have wanted him to experience the festival as I do, and enjoy it just the same. Well, the stars finally aligned and we secured childcare for our 2 rugrats. The stars may have aligned as far as childcare, but the clouds didn’t so much align for the weather forecast. We experienced our first rainy MCFW (there was a threat the first year of the festival, but it didn’t actually rain). And you know what, we had a freaking blast. He told me he finally understands, he finally gets it, and yes, it’s totally worth it.

Each year the festival gets bigger and better. Rain or shine, when you come to Music City Food + Wine you need to come prepared to eat & drink! Every year without fail I tell myself I will sample EVERYTHING. And every year while I’m there I eat & eat & eat & eat (& drink & drink & drink & drink) and then get so full I can’t consume anymore. When I later see pictures of things I missed, instant regret! Ha

As I’ve said before, this festival gets you up close & personal with amazing minds in the food world, and lets you connect with brands you know & love, as well as introducing you to new things to try & love. At the Williams Sonoma Pastry Tent I not only got to sample awesome bakery treats, I connected with people from USA Pan. I spoke with alcohol brand reps who were able to tell me exactly where to find their products in stores and restaurants. I got to hug & chat with a few of my favorite chefs, Levon Wallace & Brandon Frohne. And meet other local chefs such as Maneet Chauhan, Vasisht Ramusubramanian, & Kaelin Ulrich Trilling for the first time. Nashville has so much great local talent, Music City Food + Wine is THE BEST place to see & experience it all. There are lots of food and/or wine festivals & showcases in Nashville, but absolutely none compare to the experience Music City Food + Wine brings to the table. (Pun intended… my apologies.)

There are SO.MANY.AMAZING things to eat, drink, & experience. Here are just a few highlights.


Top L-R: Hattie B’s; Angostura Bitters; Otaku Ramen. Middle L-R: Arnold Myint; Arnold’s dish; Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Mule. Bottom L-R: Virago; Virago; Proper Bagel


Top L-R: The Farmhouse; Juve y Camps; Martin’s BBQ & Friends. Middle: Patterson House & Wild Turkey’s “Wild Tiki” tent. Bottom: Blackberry Farm & Olive Sinclair.


Left: Me, the Target boots in a sea of Hunters. Top L-R: “Tiki Old Fashioned” from Patterson House & Wild Turkey; Peg Leg Porker & Springer Mountain Farm Chicken. Bottom Right: Catbird Seat


Confession: I’m a HUGE fan of Bulleit Boubon. And I’ve had an obsession with the Bulleit Bourbon Woody trailer ever since reading about it in Garden & Gun. Needless to say I was pretty hyped to see it in all it’s glory at the festival this year. If I win the lottery, I’m investing in one of these.


Left: Me & my mad festival stacking skills. Top R: Americano. Bottom L-R: Le Sel; Fireboat Chai.


Martin’s BBQ & Friends


Left: Tito’s Bloody Mary Bar. Middle T-B: festival; Virgil Kane; Gospel Brunch. Right: Tito’s.


Top L-R: The Hook; Utterly Nash at Williams Sonoma Tent; Watermark. Middle L-R: City Winery; “Frozen Bluegrass Bird” at Wild Turkey Tiki Tent with Patterson House; Biscuit Love. Bottom L-R: Bajo Sexto; Bastion; The Treehouse.


Top L-R: Etch restaurant; Praire Organic Spirits; Fido. Middle: Mangia Nashville; festival; etc restaurant. Bottom L-R: Kitchenaid; Cochon Butcher; Holler & Dash.


Top L-R: Me & the lovely BethEats of Eat.Drink.Smile; 5th & Taylor. Bottom L-R: Chauhan Masala & Ale House; Sahale Snacks tent.

As I said in my “why you should go” post, this festival is not to be missed! Thank you Music City Food + Wine for another great year. I’m already looking forward to 2017!

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