Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  You may not be surprised to learn that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  The focus is on gathering with friends & family, and food!  No materialistic focus or pressure, and plenty of good food!

I’ll be making another Cranberry Chess Pie for one of my gatherings.  By the time the weekend is over, we’ll have eaten 4 Thanksgiving dinners.  Yup, FOUR.  Three will be in Kentucky, and the last will be one I’m cooking!  I’m excited to plan a menu and cook for the first time.  I’m also hoping to have enough leftover turkey to make one of our favorite soups.

This soup is hands down, Nathan’s absolute favorite soup.  As soon as I mention the ingredients, he gets excited because he knows he’s getting this soup.  If you’ve been following my blog since 2008 (and I bet that’s VERY few of you!  haha), you’ve seen this soup before.  This soup is one of the reasons I’m glad I have a blog.  I first started a blog to keep track of recipes I’ve tried & loved.  And this is certainly one that gets made again and again.

This soup is incredibly easy to prepare, and doesn’t need to simmer for hours to develop it’s flavor.  From the first step in cooking this soup, your kitchen will be filled with the most wonderful & aromatic smells.  I can’t describe enough how incredible this soup is!  You really must try it for yourself!  You can use leftover turkey, or chicken in this soup.  We often purchase a rotisserie chicken and use the meat from that for the soup.

Because I often like to update some of the old recipes with newer photos, I don’t want to have duplicate recipes on my blog.  So, just hop on over to the old post, and check out this AMAZING soup!

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