Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookies & More Cookies!

If you’re like me, you can never find enough cookie recipes to bookmark & hope to make.  I thought since it’s prime cookie baking season, I’d share some “oldies but goodies” if you’re looking for inspiration this season.  If you know me, you will know I have a hard time with the word “favorite”.  So please note these are not in any particular order, as each cookie is near and dear to my heart (and belly).Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps

These cookies are definitely festive for the holiday season.  They look like they were dusted with snow!  They’re the perfect combination of chocolate with a hint of espresso.  And if you’re a fan of chewy cookies, then you’ll love these!  Have a napkin handy when you eat these, to help dust off the “fallen snow” that may get on your clothes.  😉

Double Ginger Crackles

I first made these cookies last year, and fell in love with them immediately!  They have the perfect amount of spice & kick, and will delight any ginger lover.  If the rules of the Food Blogger Cookie Swap hadn’t been to make a new recipe, THESE would have been the ones I made & shipped!  They’re absolutely perfect with a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I asked the producing team on the show I edit what cookies they’d like to see in my cookie gifts to them, classic Chocolate Chip Cookies were repeatedly requested.  Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie?  These cookies are my hands down favorite!  They require a little extra time, as you need to let the dough rest 24 hours, but they are definitely worth it!

Nutella Cookies

These cookies remain one of my top hits here at ErinsFoodFiles, with good reason!  Nutella has a bit of a cult following, and these cookies will satisfy any Nutella-lover.  While they look crispy, they’re actually soft and chewy.  When made with a small cookie scoop, this recipe produces a LOT of cookies to go around.  And, their small size helps reduce any cookie-guilt you might have when it comes to eating 2 or 3 in one day.  At least for me!  😉

Buttered Rum Meltaways

In case you haven’t noticed, every cookie so far has been of the “soft & chewy” variety.  There’s a reason for that, and his name is Nathan.  Nathan just prefers his cookies that way.  Every once in a while I’ll stray from his tastes to make a cookie I know he won’t like.  It seems I sometimes forget how much I really like shortbread cookies!  These are crisp & buttery, and really will “melt away” in your mouth.  These are another great seasonal recipe, and also great because you store the log of dough in the freezer, which makes them perfect for on-demand baking.

Homemade Graham Crackers

And, coming out of left field, are these homemade graham crackers.  As soon as I discovered homemade graham crackers were possible I knew I needed to make them, stat!  These are exceptionally delicious combined with homemade marshmallows & good chocolate for homemade s’mores.  Or, as the basis of an ice cream sandwich pictured above.  But these are also definitely enjoyed all on their own.  I included them in this cookie roundup, because I know homemade gifts & gift sets are popular at Christmas time.  And I just plain love them.

Those are all the cookies I’m featuring today, but for even more inspiration this holiday season, feel free to browse the rest of my cookie archive, or my candy archive.  There’s plenty of sweet treats to be found.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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