Sunday, April 17, 2016

Goo Goo Clusters Shop – Downtown


I’m a huge fan of Goo Goo Clusters. You may remember my Peanut Butter Pie topped with peanut butter Goo Goo Clusters. If not, you should. Well some time ago they opened a retail location in downtown Nashville. I love to go pick up some of their ultra special, ultra delicious Premium Goo Goos. Earlier this year they expanded and opened a dessert bar. How genius is that? How many times have you just wanted to stop in somewhere for dessert?


I got the chance a while back to sample some of their offerings. And holy sweet tooth Batman, they’ve got some GOOD stuff!


3rd Avenue Heartbreak (above & below) – flourless chocolate cake and peanut butter cake, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter Goo Goos!
IMG_0740 IMG_0770 IMG_0777

Crazy decadent milkshake!


My hands down favorite was the Cumberland Ridge Pecan Pie (above & at the top of the post). Maybe because my favorite Goo Goo is the Supreme, featuring pecans, or maybe because this pie was just SO good!

On another recent visit my friend and I shared a slice of the cheesecake and it was perfection. That chocolate graham crust was a great base for the rich cheesecake. It was rich without being overly sweet.

The shop recently began serving lunch. Sandwiches, salad, and soup are their offerings. While simple, they don’t lack flavor.  I’ve only tried the grilled pimento cheese, but it was perfection. I can see myself going back and ordering it again and again. It was rich and creamy with just the right touch of spice. Oh, and the fruit salad I ordered tasted just like something perhaps your grandmother would make. It wasn’t just fruit thrown together, but it had a slightly sweet sauce to coat it.


If you find yourself downtown, check it out! I feel like I’m often asked by out of town visitors where to go in Nashville. And this spot is definitely on my list!

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