Saturday, February 20, 2010

7 Random Facts

So… If you’re really bored this weeked, feel free to head over to IHeartCuppycakes and VOTE FOR ME!!!!  Please and thank you!

Now, I almost forgot!  My friend, fellow food blogger, and most knowledgable gal of the Nashville food & drink scene, Beth of Eat.Drink.Smile tagged me to post 7 random facts about myself.  So… here they are!

1. I recently decided that if I were to have a “Native American name” it should be “Long-Winded”.  If you know me, I am one of the most long-winded people ever!  Before I ask a question, or make a statement, I often feel the need to preface it with as much background information as possible.  I try to reign in this aspect of my personality, because I know how long-winded my mother is, and that’s where I got it!

2. I am one of THE MOST forgetful people EVER.  Ever, ever, ever.  This was worsened when I worked the night shift for a year, and had a really erratic sleep schedule.  But, my work schedule has changed, and already I’m noticing a bit of difference in my memory.  I’ll still be forgetful, but hopefully not as bad as it has been the past year!

3. I used to hate nuts.  I thought they ruined ice cream and brownies (actually, I still feel that way).  Sometime a while back I slowly realized I liked nuts to just snack on.  So as I learned to like nuts alone, I then learned to like them in cookies & candy.  But I still want to keep them OUT of my ice cream.

4. I have this house plant my aunt gave me when I moved into my first apartment, over 4 years ago.  I often forget to water it.  It get near death, then I pour some water in, and within hours it perks back up.  It’s even gotten to the point of having yellow and brown leaves.  The Boy laughs at me, and calls me a “plant-killer”.  I think it’s just the most resilient plant on the planet.

5. I ration candy out for The Boy.  I have a secret hiding place where I hide candy I’ve bought on sale.  Then I portion out a Reese’s Cup about 2 or 3 a week, max; or a small bowl with Skittles or Peanut M&Ms.  If I didn’t he would eat 2-3 Reese’s Cups a day, and an entire HUGE bag of Skittles in a day or two.  Yes, I am a food-nazi.

6. My number 1 favorite candle scent is always vanilla.  I also love pumpkin, country apple, or anything that includes a combination of vanilla, such as my current “Air Wick Flameless Candle” scent, lavender vanilla.

7. I currently subscribe to the following magazines: Martha Stewart Everyday Food; Bon Appetit; and Food Network Magazine.  For one whole month I was a Gourmet subscriber.  I was so disappointed to learn right as I was FINALLY subscribing, they were folding.  🙁

I’m not going to tag anyone, however, all the bloggers (food bloggers AND non-food bloggers!) in my blogroll can feel free to do these 7 random facts!

Oh, and don’t forget, GO VOTE FOR ME!!!!

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