Monday, June 29, 2009

We Have A Winner!

And the winner is….

Now you don’t think I’d tell you that quickly? Remember? We still have 10 more interview questions!

Erin: What food do you NOT eat?

Clara: Bananas. It’s a texture thing for me. Oh… and it might have something to do with my last memory of eating a banana. Sick little kid+banana flavored puke= not fun. I also don’t like cooked carrots. Again, it’s a texture thing.

Erin: What is your fast food vice?

Clara: No question. Pizza. But there’s nothing like an In-And-Out burger when you get the craving.

Erin: What is your earliest childhood memory with food?

Clara: When my mom would make funfetti cake for our birthdays, she always let me lick the batter off the beaters. Funfetti cake mix batter is like crack to a little kid.

Erin: Name a pantry staple you always have on hand.

Clara: Red food coloring. Blame it on my husband’s midnight pension for red velvet cupcakes.

Erin: What is your favorite food related show?

Clara: Top Chef, Food Network Challenge, Ace of Cakes

Erin: What is your dream foodie lover’s vacation spot?

Clara: I’d love to travel to Paris and Italy someday.

Erin: What is one cookbook you want?

Clara: Since Erin’s been talking about the awesomeness of Martha Stewart’s Cookie book, I need to pick that one up!

Erin: Name 3 things on your baking bucket list.

Clara: Deep-fried cupcakes, Blondies (can you believe I’ve never eaten/baked one?), Wedding cake (multi-level)

Erin: What is your biggest kitchen mishap?

Clara: I am sure that I’ve had bigger mishaps but the first thing that came to mind was using my KA mixer for the first time. Let’s just say dumping flour into the mixer while it’s on at full speed is not a good deal. I was coughing up flour for days…

Erin: What is your favorite spice? Least favorite?

Clara: Is vanilla bean considered a spice? If not then cinnamon. Least favorite is nutmeg much to the disappointment of my husband. He loves a pinch of nutmeg in his coffee every morning. *cough FREAK cough*

I had a LOT of fun doing this giveaway! It was so exciting to find out everyone’s preferences (or indecisiveness!). I learned a lot about giveaways, and I also learned some things about Blogger (and now considering moving to WordPress…). I’m so excited to be able to share a book and kitchen tools I love so much with someone else. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE giving gifts! I hope the winners enjoy their prizes! So without further adieu, NOW you can find out who won, but you have to go to Clara’s blog to find out!

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