Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Be My Fan?!

First off, this photo isn’t for a new post, but I did update an older post.  I have a lot of older recipes in my blog that I LOVE, but am not crazy about the photo.  So sometimes when I make it again (and I often make things fron my blog over and over), if I remember I’ll snap a photo.  So I updated the Weeknight Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps post.  Go check it out!

ALSO… if you would like, become a fan of ErinsFoodFiles on Facebook!  Don’t worry I won’t bombard your newsfeed with tons of postings all day.  I plan on using it to share my newest posts, or any other food blog related ramblings.  And I have *exclusive* feature, that you can only find as a Facebook fan.  It’s called {Side Dish}.  I’ll admit, often I’ll cook or bake something that tastes great, but due to lighting, or whatever issues, I’m just not crazy about the photo, so I won’t post it here if it’s not up to my lofty standards.  This way I can still share it with you!  I would love to use it as a way to interact with you, find out what your cooking for dinner, or what your favorite ice cream flavor is, etc, etc.  So, what are you waiting for?  Be a fan!

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