Monday, December 22, 2014

Ham & Jam at The Sutler


This is very last minute, but Monday night I had the pleasure of going to Ham & Jam at The Sutler. We had such a great time I wanted to share about it! Elliott came as well and enjoyed the music, fun, & the food too! (And he’s such a picky eater he rarely eats food at restaurants.) Ham & Jam is a prix fixe dinner complete with fun country & western Christmas music, a really cool setting, great food, & even a special guest (hint: red suited fellow).


There’s one more night of it, Tuesday December 23rd. Tickets are $40 (gratuity included). There’s a 6:30 and 8:30 seating, but call for reservations as I think the 6:30 may already be at capacity. It was really great to go to a kid friendly spot that also has amazing food.

IMG_3561Ham & Jam plate to get things started! I’ve never had smoked apple butter before, nor have I had house cured duck ham. All so delicious!

IMG_3564 1

IMG_3569 1




IMG_3573 1

Elliott loved the music, clapping and saying “Yaaaay!” after each song. For a video of him jamming, check out my instagram.

IMG_3572 1

*Drinks not included, but worth every extra penny when dining with a toddler.*

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