Monday, April 25, 2011

Let me introduce…

Remember “The Boy” who became “The Fiance”?  Ladies & gentlemen… let me introduce my husband, Nathan.  🙂

So… don’t feel left out if I didn’t tell you… I actually didn’t tell ummm… pretty much anyone.  Despite the blog, Twitter, Facebook, & more, I’m actually a pretty private person.  I don’t like attention.  And I didn’t want a “wedding”.  I just wanted to be married.  When I first began my blog, I knew Nathan wouldn’t like me talking about him online.  So I created a pseudonym for him.  But he feels much more comfortable with it all now.  And I’m ready to talk to y’all about him like I do in real life.

He’s everything to me.  He grounds me, calms me, and makes me whole.  He’s the coolest guy I know.  Nathan is my best friend, and now I’m proud to say I am his wife.

PS. Yes, he has a big afro.  And it was my idea for him to grow it.  I told you, coolest guy I know.  Quite the departure from what his hair looked like in my very first blog post, eh?

These are just iPhone photos.  I’ll show y’all the pro ones when they are done!  And since this IS a food blog after all, I can’t not mention how AMAZING the food was.  We had our reception dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Nashville, Amerigo on West End Ave.  It’s actually the place he took me on our very first date!  We’ve returned there many times for Nathan’s birthdays, we had dinner there the night we closed on our house, and of course just casual dinners & lunches.  To end our sweet night, we ate salted caramel gelato (one of our favorite flavors) from Bravo Gelato!

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