Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everyone takes a moment to think about their impact on the planet.  We recycle all glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper.  Our recycling used to be one big crazy mess, until we bought these awesome bins from IKEA.  I highly recommend them!

I use energy efficient light bulbs in most sockets.  I ALWAYS turn off the light when I leave a room.  We keep the A/C off as long as possible.  And most recently, for the past year I’ve begun to make a very concious effort to ONLY turn on the television if I have something specific I want to watch.  I do NOT use it for background noise.  And I pester and nag The Boy to turn it off if he’s not watching it.  😉

One of the biggest things I do is buy my vegetables in the summer as a part of a CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  I’m about to begin my 4th year doing it.  It has it’s challenging times, but overall the experience is positive.  I love knowing my vegetables are in season, and grown on a farm less than an hour away, as opposed to hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

To see some of the recipes, and experiences I’ve had with my CSA vegetables, click on my CSA tag.  I hope you enjoy!

What are some things you do to save the planet?

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