Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Giveaway WINNERS

So there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is, my birthday celebrations are over. The good news is the giveaway is over! Whoo hoo!

I had an amazing couple of days. I walked into my edit bay at work, and saw THIRTY SIX cupcakes awaiting me!
My good friend Kristen made a HUGE batch of healthy and delicious cupcakes. I ate two while I was thanking her over the phone. Thank God for speakerphone.

Thanks for taking these gorgeous photos Kristen!

My friend from Louisville remembered my blog post a while back about a new “cupcakery” that opened near my work, and had six cupcakes delivered to me! Because I was the birthday girl, I took one bite out of each of them to ensure that I would not have to share.

Friday I went out with a couple friends to Mirror, where I got this amazing butterscotch bread pudding my friend Beth nearly insisted I try. (Seriously, she saw I tweeted about going to that restaurant, and she replied AND TEXTED ME telling me to get it!)
And I had a busy but fun Saturday that included a group of friends driving from as far as 3.5 hours away to come and surprise me!! I walked into the swanky sushi bar Virago, and there they were. I seriously had NO IDEA they were doing that.

Believe it or not there were even more things that people did for me including flowers and pumpkin pie, to name a few! I can’t believe how many people care so much me. Thank you to EVERYONE!
Ok ok, now you probably want to know who won, right? WELL…. the winners are (thanks to

You won the Frame by Frame Baking

And you won the Cupcakes book!

Of course both of you won a cinnamon grinder. I’ll be contacting you today about your prizes!

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