Sunday, October 26, 2008

Code Blue: Oreo Truffles

Monday night the UNDEFEATED Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night football.  There’s been a lot of hype around town, and the slogan is “Code Blue”.  I decided to make these Oreo Truffles for The Boy to take into work for him & his coworkers to enjoy since they will be working while the game is on.  I’ve already graced my coworkers with Oreo Truffles, because I made them for a Super Bowl party earlier this year, and had lots of leftovers.  Don’t ask me why I associate football with Oreo Truffles, I have no idea.  They are fairly uncomplicated to make, just time consuming.  TB has already ate like three of them.


Oreo Truffles

as seen on Bakerella, originally from Kraft Foods
Makes about 36 truffles.


1 package oreo cookies (divided… use cookie including the cream center)
1 8oz. package cream cheese (softened)
white chocolate bark


Finely crush 7 cookies in a food processor or place them in a ziploc bag and crush into a fine consistency. Reserve for later.

Crush remaining cookies and stir in softened cream cheese. Use the back of a large spoon to help mash the two together.

Roll the mixture into 1" balls and place on wax paper covered cookie sheet.

Melt chocolate as directed on the package and then dip balls into chocolate, tap off extra and set aside on wax paper covered cookie sheet to dry. You can sprinkle the tops with the 7 crushed cookies for decoration.

Once dry, refrigerate and enjoy!

Tip: I kept these in the freezer, and only brought out about 4 at a time to dip in the chocolate, so they would stay good & solid.

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