We’ve gotten a lot of tomatoes & peppers in our CSA, and a coworker brought in some jalapenos & habaneros so I decided it was time for me to make salsa! Usually my salsa is very chunky, and I wanted to try something different. The producer I was working with that day is from Texas & married a hispanic man. She’s used to hot & spicy peppers, and recommended roasting the habaneros to cut down on the heat. I cut the tomatoes & jalepenos, habaneros, and red & green peppers in half, removed the seeds & the white from the hot peppers, and roasted them. Then I removed the skin, cut them into pieces & pulsed them in my Magic Bullet Blender until smooth. I reserved some pieces to add to the salsa to still have a little chunk. I also added in chopped onion, cilantro, a little salt & lime. It was SO so SO so good! I didn’t really follow a recipe, just used what I had.

This one was made a little chunkier and also with some yellow tomato.


Roasted Salsa


green peppers
red peppers
jalapeno peppers
habanero peppers


Cut peppers & tomatoes. Roast under broiler until skin is black. Let cool & remove skin. Cut into smaller pieces. Reserve some if you choose, & pulse the rest in a food processor. Add the reserved chopped pieces & the blended portion into a bowl, add chopped fresh cilantro, a sprinkle of salt, & squirt of lime.